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Superstar gymnast Gabby Douglas is on top of the world now as the bearer of two Olympic gold medals, but she continues to reveal painful memories from her days as a younger athlete at Excalibur Gymnastics in Virginia Beach.

Now 16, Douglas has already shared a memory of being called a “slave” by a laughing fellow teammate — a charge denied by reps for Excalibur. In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Douglas says that back in 2010, fellow gymnasts cruelly stole her shirt from the locker room — and laughed at her when she couldn’t find the item. “You don’t actually take by mistake someone’s clothes,” she tells the magazine.

Plus, Douglas says, at a party several years ago, an Excalibur staff member suggested she consider reconstructive surgery on her nose, claiming it appeared too flat — and other gymnasts had teased the future champ’s appearance, she says. Douglas calls the nose job comment “very hurtful.”

Dena Walker of Excalibur denies Douglas’ nose job claim, calling it “a joke.”

“Gabby Douglas Told To Get Nose Job By Virginia Gym Staffer”, Us Weekly

The racist bullies at Excalibur Gym want details? Gabrielle Douglas and her mother Natalie Hawkins are providing the public with more details, in a new interview published in Vanity Fair titled “America’s Golden Girl”. It’s a good read, filling in a more complete picture of the remarkable mother-daughter duo and what they’ve been through to get where they are.

Where they are is: on the verge of launching a nationwide 40-city gymnastics performance tour, making a stop in Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention. Guess where they’ll be skipping over on this victory tour? Virginia.

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So wait, denies the claim then calls it a joke? Howzat work? And joke or not, how the HELL is that appropriate?

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