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This is Thin Privilege: My boss is totally sizeist.


My boss was telling me about how some of my coworkers are dressing inappropriately.

She mentioned that one coworker was wearing “shorts” the other day and it was really unprofessional. I mentioned that she wasn’t wearing shorts, but rather, she was wearing pants that she…

Can we even mention the cleavage issue that can happen? Sorry, I can have cleavage in a turtleneck. Me in a crew neck t-shirt, well, shit happens.

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    this sounds like my old boss, who was a total bully. one day, after a lunchtime outing, during which i had had...
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    Yeah, that’s every boss I’ve ever had as well. It’s every teacher I had in college as well. I had a teacher get onto me...
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    WHOOOOOAAAAAAA how about NO You just called women whores for wearing shorts. NOT COOL. Slut shaming is ridiculous. You...
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    Same thing happens at my school all the time. The skinny whores will wear their shorts so short that their ass is...
  12. briyanad said: UGH. i work at a camp and one of the curvier girls was wearing a form fitting dress but was covered and my coworker was trying to say it was too much “sex appeal.” i told her that if it were a smaller girl she probably wouldnt have a problem..
  13. halegates said: arse
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